3 Methods to Encrypt Your PowerPoint File

Recently, I find many netizens are concerned with a problem which is how to encrypt PowerPoint file. For various kinds of reasons, these netizens expect that others can just view the PowerPoint files but cannot edit them, so they naturally hope to find a method to protect their PowerPoint files by encrypting PowerPoint files.

Actually, it is incredibly easy. On one hand, Microsoft Office PowerPoint itself has provided us with a method to encrypt our PowerPoint files. On the other hand, many PPT masters also concluded good ways to encrypt PowerPoint files. Today, I would like to introduce 3 methods to encrypt your PowerPoint file, and I will take Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 as an example, hope it is useful to you!

Method 1 Encrypt PowerPoint File by Password

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 allows its users to encrypt their PowerPoint File by setting Passwords. Clicking “File” > “Save AS” to open a new dialog box. Click the “Tools” button in the lower left corner of the dialog box and choose “General Options” in the drop down menu. Immediately you can see another dialog box in which you are enabled to set Passwords for the PowerPoint file. “Password for open” is used to view the PowerPoint file and “Password for modify” is used to edit the PowerPoint file.

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Method 2 Save the PowerPoint Files as PPS format

Another easy way is to save the PowerPoint files as PPS format. Click “File” > “Save AS” and set “Save as type” as PPS format.

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Method 3 Save the PowerPoint Files as PDF format

This method is similar to the above one, you just Substitute PPS format with PDF format.

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The 3 methods are free and also very easy to handle, if you think it is useful to you, please try it by yourself. And you can also share these methods with your friends. Then there will not be so many people disturbed by this problem.

BY wallpaperhdi.blogspot.com