How to Fix an iDevice ( iphone / ipad / ipod ) Stuck on Apple Logo?

This issue (Stuck iPhone on Apple Logo) often happened after jailbreaking your idevice. To fix this issue you have to enter your idevice (iphone,ipad or ipod) in DFU mode. Don't worry if you have this issue, you just need to follow some steps given below.

How to Fix an idevice Stuck on Apple Logo?

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone.

Step 2: Open iTunes then connect your device to the computer

Step 3: Now you have to put your idevice into DFU mode by following the steps below:

Hold both POWER BUTTON and HOME BUTTON at the same time for 10 seconds.
After the 10 seconds let the POWER BUTTON and keep holding the HOME BUTTON.
Important Note: You have to be patient and carefull while doing this step, if it failed, your idevice will enter into recovery mode and not DFU-mode and you have to do it again, to put your idevice into DFU mode.

Step 4: Now your idevice will start up in DFU mode, Keep on holding HOME BUTTON until a recovery warning messages appears in iTunes (in Your Computer).

What is the difference between DFU-mode & Recovery mode:

DFU-mode: will give you black screen.
Recovery mode: will give you the screen showing an icon ‘cable connecting to iTunes’

Step 5: Once you have reached DFU-mode, you can restore your idevice by following the steps below:

How to restore idevice with iTunes:

1. Connect your idevice to the computer and open iTunes.
2. Make sure your iPhone is selected from the left menu in iTunes.
3. Hold shift button and Click the Restore in the iTunes Summary tab and select the ios from your computer.
(Step 3. is for those who have already downloaded the ios. Otherwise just click on restore button)
4. iTunes will ask if you're ready to Restore the iPhone > Just click Restore.
(Please don't unplug the iPhone from the computer during this process!)
5. When finished, iTunes will ask if you want to restore from backup. Choose "Set up as a new iPhone" to start fresh with factory settings.
6. Enter a name for your idevice and the process is complete.