Top 10 Best Cydia Tweaks

This article is relevent to all iPhones and all iPads users.

Do you know the best thing about jailbreak? Jailbreak is the ability to tweak your idevice to include more features which Apple  not allow and has nott implemented so you have to do it by yourself and you can make your idevice as you want.


For those who want to change the look of their iDevice, so Winterboard is a must in your idevice. It helps you to change theme of your device and really change the look of your idevice, making it really unique compared to every other device. The best theme which I highly recommend you is Jaku.


A great tweak which lets you easily and swiftly change settings on your idevice. It helps you to do things for example turn on/off WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and etc. This is a very popular tweak so is highly recomended you.


This tweak enables to do things for example, activate an application or do any function with shaking the device, triple press, or when you connect your device to your charger. There are so many options it’s amazing tweak. Once you use it you will  understand that how much useful it is.

Springtomize 2

Springtomize is a tweak which insist you to customise things on your idevice. Because you normally wouldn’t be able to do without it. There is a huge and massive amount it can do, for example, ranging from slow motion UI animations to having a custom number of icons on your dock and homescreen.


If you have ever used Android software (Mobile) before? This is a great tweak for those who have previously used android. Instead of having to go back to your homescreen or opening the notification tray to see if you have a message, an icon will show in the status bar. You can also do this for massages,missed calls, emails and much more.


This tweak will be highly useful for those who text alot. When you looking at messages you will noticed that a time stamp does not put on every message. So sometimes it’s impossible to check when someone has sent you a message or even when you have sent one by yourself. MarkThatMessage simply adds a time stamp to every messageso this is an interesting tweak i think.


The problem with the alarm on the iPhone is that the loudness of it is by default set according to the loudness of ringtone if your idevice.  If you don’t have your ringtone volume at full blast, you see the problem in the morning when your alarm is going off at a very low volume. Alarming fixes that by putting the volume all the way up when your alarm goes off. It is amzaing i think.


You have noticed that whenever you download apps from the AppStore you have to constantly enter your Apple ID password, i personally and I know others finds it very annoying to enter the password again and again. PasswordPilot is a great tweak which automatically enters your password for you.


Sometimes you need quick access to that damn flashlight.


If your network does not allow you to tether your idevice. This tweak is perfect for you really. It’ll allow you to share your connection with other devices like your ipad, tablet or laptop.

Important thing, do you know of any other useful Cydia tweak? If yes, Just leave them in the comments box below.