About iOS 7

Lately the popular and largest company Apple held a conference in WWDC 2013 on San Francisco United Stated. During these major gathering from creator all over the world, apple announce their latest technology for their operating-system together with the brand new iOS 7 feature and ability that is thought out to be release at quarter 2 this year. Some expert stated that this new operating system by Apple getting nearer to their rival operating system, with a new feature which just like the other product just like Android and also Windows. However allows you to decide for yourself is that this new operating system from Apple basically another Operating-system that's got same feature with all the other or not down below


If previously there is no big different from the style with every upgrade on iOS, apple start a little move this time around by having a different look on the user interface. For the earlier version of iOS, the structure and design just like a newspaper note or journal for its symbol, for the new iOS 7 you will have a simple graphic having pastel colour. There are however a 3D effect from every icon claimed Apple, some expert mentioned that this different appearance is compared to some custom vendor from Korea for Android.

- Control Center

This new feature at iOS 7 reminds you of toggle settings provided by Android where you can simply make modification with a single swipe through the top of the screen with the standard setting. Apple obviously learn from other competitor that the quick access for the user is necessary, Blackberry as well as Windows Phone presently contains the similar function and these times iOS is going to make it too.
- Air Drop

A good feature that available for Mac os lion edition now available for iOS, the new feature will enable you to deliver data by peer to peer connectivity on a single network through your device, air drop isn't a new tech coming from apple, however, with the availability for iOS will get a big change on their new operating-system as well as the user who await this.

- iTunes Radio

Eventually apple creates something more confident, although this radio is actually a streaming radio which usually needed an internet connection at least they are quite satisfied with what iOS online connectivity is capable with.

- Facetime Audio

About iOS 7
About iOS 7
If formerly you are able to make a video call by using Facetime with all your friend or family, right now, similar like skype you can easily only make a call and audio only. This option will make Facetime people at least gets something to brag about even though others will probably be wondering why so late
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